I turned 16 on April 23. And after 5 years of seeing amazing people do this, I’m so excited to share my first list of lessons I learnt. Reflect as much…
Everything mainstream is stupid. By “mainstream”, I mean things that a lot of people do. Like Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah, an Indian TV show watche…
And when to not trust our negative gut
how content consumes people
In the business world, funnels are too obvious to notice that they apply everywhere. Sales funnels, for example, work like this: You email 500 people, …
do the practice
Waiting for creativity to arrive is like waiting for a math problem to solve itself.
and how to fix them.
how to make use of jealousy.
how to be extra careful when you have to
Better increase value than lower pay
how to never fail at anything