Sunk Boards Prep

And when to not trust our negative gut

My board exams got cancelled. And I have kind of mixed feelings.

Basic logic dictates I should be happy because:

  • I don’t have to study for it anymore. Especially subjects like SST, Sanskrit and biology, which I’ll never touch again. (I’m taking PCM+IP)

  • My 11th class was saved from being ruined by over-postponed 10th boards.

But I feel bad. And it’s not just me. Most I talked with are sad. (My circle is heavily biased towards above-average and topper mark achievers.)


  • All the preparation for exams got wasted.

  • It’s unfair to people who studied more.

The weird thing is that people say you should trust your negative gut feelings and not trust the positive ones. But here my negative gut feeling said board exams should happen and my positive gut feeling says it shouldn’t. (not anywhere in my life goals are getting too good in studying any of the 5 subjects I’m studying for this exam.)

This probably means only negative gut feelings that come from experience work. Specifically, here the negative gut feeling originated because of Sunk Cost Fallacy.

I thought of this analogy: Boards are like floods that have been predicted to come. These predictions have been accurate for years. You’re prepared for it this time, which gives you an advantage over others who haven’t. And suddenly, the prediction turns false. Would you cry that flood didn’t come?