breaking the rules.

when you should and when you shouldn't.

We were late for tuition — me and a friend — so we crossed an almost closed railway crossing and, right after that, a red light. We broke the law.

A bunch of traffic cops — 15, I guess — standing in a corner did nothing. Nobody gave a shit.

This is no excuse, but generally, when nobody gives a shit, breaking the rules becomes the unsaid rule.

One reason why nobody gave a shit was that many people break this rule often.

So many people break the underage driving rules, for example. If we don’t respect it, why is it even a law?

The last time we didn’t respect laws, we did non-cooperation and civil disobedience movements.

But that was certainly different, we were against the Britishers, but we aren’t against our democratic government. (But there are times when I feel otherwise)

As for me, I think young people should be allowed to get a driving license. For a scooty at least.